June 3, 2018

Term Limits

Term limits are an important part of a fair democracy.  Often, an elected official can be in a position for so long that they build a power structure.  This power structure inhibits good and fair democracy and fair competition at the ballot box.  I want to make sure that we always maintain integrity in our system by having elections based on merit, not power However, on the flip side, we must be cautious that we don’t have only freshman elected officials.  In a situation like that, the bureaucracy would run our government, rather than who voters placed in office, and that is detrimental What is needed, is a balance between the two.  Limits that would allow an elected official to gain experience and knowledge to be a good legislator, but limits to how long they serve to prevent them becoming entrenched and a part of the system.  I support common sense term limits of 12 or even 16 years to find this happy medium.  

During the last few sessions I have sponsored a bill (read it here) to establish responsible term limits in Kentucky. These bills have gotten within one vote of going to the floor for a vote. I will continue advocating legislation for this important issue.