September 3, 2018

2018 Survey Results

In the 2018 General Assembly Session, I sent out a survey to a sample of constituents concerning a wide variety of issues. Below are the results to the questions that I asked. 

Q1: Do You Favor a $.04 gas tax with funds solely for state roads and bridges?

Q2: How would you support funding for the state pension?

Q3: Do you support the legalization of  recreational marijuana in Kentucky?

Q4: Do you support the legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky? 

Q5: What’s your opinion on the expansion of casino gambling in our state? 

Q6: Would you be in favor of an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution which would extend rights to victims of crimes such as notification of court proceedings and release of perpetrators?

Q7: Would you support a $0.30 increase to the per pack cigarette tax to be used for pension payment? 

Q8: Do you think the Right to Work legislation has helped drive investment in our state, and should remain as law? 

Q9: Are you in favor of meaningful reforms to Kentucky’s adoption and foster care laws to streamline and expedite the process for quicker matching of families even if it requires increased spending by the state? 

Q10: Would you support the addition of a financial literacy programs in Kentucky’s public high schools?  

Q11: Are you in favor of requiring a state issued ID, such as a driver’s license, to be presented at a polling place prior to voting?  

Q12: Would you support a constitutional amendment that would limit the number of years someone elected to the Kentucky Senate and/or the House of Representatives could serve? 

Q13: Do you support the post 20 week abortion ban that we passed this year that should reduce the performed abortions in our state? 

Q14: Would you support legislation which would require pawnbrokers to update a list to an online service of daily transactions that can be accessible by law enforcement?  

Q15: Would you support legislation that would require new and expired pharmacy technicians to submit a nationwide criminal background check by the Kentucky State Police or FBI? 

Q16: Do you think the penalties on drunk drivers should be more severe than they are right now? 

Q17: Do you believe treatment for substance abuse, including opioids, are sufficient in Hardin County? 

Q18: Do you believe Kentucky needs stronger laws to support the elderly and their caretakers?  

Q19: Should Kentucky’s public high schools require proficiency in non academics, known as essential skills, that are deemed helpful for getting a job as part of their diploma? 

If you have any questions regarding the survey or any other issue, please email me at