June 3, 2018



Jobs and the Economy

Kentucky has a lot of issues whether its education or social services that, to be fixed, require more funding. There are two ways to get more funding, one is to raise taxes, which no one wants, and the other is to bring in more and better paying jobs to the state. When the state has more people working and therefore less people receiving social services, this provides a double shot in the arm to our state budget. More people working and receiving a higher wage will boost the economy of 1000’s of small businesses in our state. Less people needing government services allows the government to truly help those who cannot help themselves. Therefore, it is paramount that government be set up so that it attracts businesses instead of hindering them. Until the last couple years, our state has lead the nation in unemployment and low wages. However, that is changing and changing in a big way.

I was proud in the 2017 and 2018 sessions to vote for business and jobs friendly legislation such as Right to Work, workers comp reform, and much more. These changes are attracting new businesses to our state. In fact, 2017 was a record year for new business investments at over 9 billion dollars. The businesses coming are large, high paying companies that are helping to put more Kentuckians back to work with a large wage.

The key to funding our schools, infrastructure and social programs is a strong economy that has a large worker base. This can only happen when government gets out of the way with their regulations and heavy taxation and allows companies, and the jobs that come with them, to flourish. As your representative, I will always fight to make our state the most attractive place for companies to locate so that the standard of living can be increased for all Kentuckians.