June 3, 2018


The right to the access of healthcare should not be denied to anyone. All too often many do not have the healthcare that they need because of the costs involved. Costs have sky rocketed because of many factors; such as the fact that we no longer have a market driven system, which keeps prices down, over burdensome government regulations, frivolous lawsuits against doctors, high insurance cost, high pharmaceutical costs and much more. These issues that drive up the cost has driven the healthcare out of the reach of a normal transaction. The solution is not for the government to pay these exorbitant costs for those who cannot afford them because that simply ignores the root cause of the problem and shifts those costs to all taxpayers. The solution is for government to help drive down costs so that healthcare is affordable like it once was.

With these cost corrections, the system can still have a safety net for those who cannot help themselves or for those who’ve fallen on difficult circumstances and need a hand back up. Our healthcare should be a system where you choose your doctor based on your reasons, not what an insurance company tells you. We should move to a system of Health Savings Accounts, which allow us to pay for routine services when we need them with money that has been saved tax free. We should have competition among insurance carriers across state lines where possible. Each patient should know what a procedure costs before they agree to have it done so that informed decisions can be made.

Going forward, I will push to return the healthcare system to one that is market force driven, not insurance driven. I will push to return the system to one that is devoid of needless regulations and frivolous lawsuits. I will push to allow tax free Health Savings accounts. I will push to allow for insurance to be bought and sold across state lines. And ultimately, by doing these things, healthcare costs will be at a reasonable level that is affordable by all Kentuckians.