June 3, 2018



A quality educational institution is the common denominator of every successful community. Affluent communities tend to make sure that their schools stay that way so that their children can succeed. As a state, we must strive to have high performing schools in EVERY community, not just the affluent ones. There are many things that go into a quality school, the following is a short list of some of the things that I will support to ensure that our schools are always the best:

· Properly funded schools. Every child should receive a free, high quality education.

· Quality teachers should be rewarded. This both entices more good people into the profession and it incentivizes current teachers to be high performing.

· Assistance for children of broken homes in the form of afterschool help and other resources. To break the cycle of poverty we must first break the cycle of the lack of education and work ethic. When schools can show children the fact that only through an education and a strong work ethic will they be able to reach their goals, then and only then will the generation poverty that we continue to see be stopped.

· Allow for local control and decision making so that schools can be flexible to their particular needs. One state box does not come close to fitting all state schools.

· Pushing our schools to be more focused on getting children ready to be successful adults (not being ready to take a standardized test). This means more focus on career readiness, financial literacy and work ethic than is currently taught. We must quit pushing all students through the same pathways. Not all kids need to be college ready. Its ok for an 18 year old to go into a skilled trade right out of high school. Too many people are wrongly pushed towards the high debt that goes with college. Our schools should be helping those young adults with the propensity of a skilled trade to get ready for that trade.