February 18, 2020

2020 Survey Results

Before I began the 2020 General Assembly Session, I sent out a survey to a random sample of constituents concerning a wide variety of issues.

Click on the questions below to see the results.

Q1. Which of the following issues do you feel should be the top priority for legislators during the 2020 Session?

Q2. Are you in favor of increasing the state sales tax rate while eliminating the state income tax on individuals and businesses (much like Tennessee and Florida have done)?

Q3. Many cuts to state government programs have been made over the last several years to balance the budget. How would you answer the following, choose only 1.

Q4. How would you describe the condition of roads and bridges in our area?

Q5. Would you support increasing the gasoline tax, that is solely designated to roads, if it meant better roads and bridges to travel on and additional funding of new road projects?

Q6. What is your preferred road project?

Q7. Would you support requiring drug-testing for welfare recipients to qualify for public assistance?

Q8. Do you support allowing taxpayers to receive a tax credit in exchange for donations to nonprofit organizations that provide scholarships for students to attend private schools?

Q9a. Do you support reforming all of Kentucky’s public pension systems in order to address our status as one of the worst-funded systems in our nation?

Q9b. If yes, please share what you would support.

Q10. How would you support funding for improved school safety?

Q11. Would you support increasing the tax on electronic cigarettes and other vaping products to the same level as regular cigarettes?

Q12. Do you support legislation that prohibits city and county governments from refusing to enforce federal immigration law? (preventing “sanctuary” cities)

Q13. Do you support expanded gambling in Kentucky in order to increase revenue without raising taxes?

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please email me at duplessis4ky@duplessis.net